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The Icon Heap

Catherine Lump's Icons

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catherine_lump is a girl of many faces. She began life somewhere in New Zealand on the first of December, 1986. She grew up, as all children are wont to do, and went to school, and is proud of the fact that her high school was the same one that Anna Paquin, of X-Men fame, attended.

She is currently 18, and attending her first year of university, as, surprise, an anthropology major (although she also studies German and classics). When not not-working, she likes to read, play on her computer, RP, and check up on her favourite movies and bands. She shamelessly plugs these RPGs as often as she can, under her two main identities: catherine_lump, and her original Internet persona, regina_random. Under the name Regina the Queen of Random, she makes music videos and writes fanfiction. She also writes under the name Catherine Lump, and is a member of lumoshufflepuff, and was rated as Remus Lupin over at lumos_rating.

She is a big fan of X-Men and Harry Potter, as well as all kinds of music. She is currently obsessed with Within Temptation, Guano Apes, and Ana Johnsson, and wishes that she could get her hands on proper comics, especially when it comes to her newest hobby - icon making.

Pretty in Scarlet Songset Sample. Anna Paguin as Rogue of the X-Men Sample. BeautifulXBeast Icon Sample - Hank and Cecilia. Heaven Songset Sample.

catherine_lump is a new member of the icon making world, having discovered the free wonder that is The GIMP, as she is too poor to be able to buy Photoshop, but enjoys fiddling with her GIMP, and seeing what it produces. She is tempted to start up a community called gimp_supplies, just for brushes, patterns, etc. but does not know how that would actually turn out. She can be very indecisive at times.

As her favourite things are X-Men and Harry Potter, the majority of her posts will feature icons of this type - however she may deviate from these two things, depending on what the muses tell her, and if she gets the right images.

catherine_lump has only three rules with regards to her icons: comment, credit, and do not modify without permission. Other than that, she loves sharing her icons with people, although she has yet to spot hers floating around the great big black hole that is LiveJournal!